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Parker Tool & Die, Inc.
20844 Park Ave.
Mundelein, IL 60060
Phone: (847) 566-2229
Fax: (847) 566-2560

Member since 1978

Parker Tool and Die Specialty Products
Innovative thinking and experience combine at Parker Tool and Die to create custom products and services to solve customer problems. These solutions, and others yet to come, are just part of the overall value add proposition at Parker Tool.
Slitting Blades

Slitting blades - custom cutting for tamper resistant bottle
 cap closures (click to enlarge examples on right)
(Click for detail)
(Click for detail)
(Click for detail)
Custom Tooling

Less expensive custom EDM tooling meets or
exceeds quality of original manufacturer options.
Built to customer specs or on consultation.
(click to enlarge examples on right)
Custom Cube Precision Holder
Clamp Set 90 Degree Holder
Automated Machinery
Automated Machinery - Replaces
manual inspection, reduces labor costs.
Sophisticated time and money saving custom solutions developed from your specs or on consultation.
Custom Tooling for Aluminum Cans
Tooling Components for Aluminum Cans -
 tight tolerance in specialty metals
for aluminum can industry.
Custom Gauges
Custom Gages -
Tolerance Checking reduces defects
and improves quality assurance processes.
E-Z Hopper
E-Z Hopper - Molding press hopper makes changing material a one handed job. It Features:
  • Ball bearing, air assist, self cleaning
  • With or without rare earth magnetic separator
  • Easy access to throat for bridge removal
  • Large offset for easy unloading hopper


For more information, pricing, and custom development for your application call us at (847) 566-2229

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