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Die Stamping at Parker Tool and Die, Inc.

Competing in a world market is is a tough proposition, and smart manufacturers are finding that choosing the right  tool maker goes far beyond the simple quote price. Parker Tool and Die provides our customers tangible value that directly improves their bottom line. Forty years of experience means no guesswork when working with difficult material, close tolerance and complex parts. While low cost competitors experiment, we are already completing the difficult jobs on time and on budget. Our proven customer service commitment guarantees fast turnaround, short run capability and that uniquely American "whatever it takes" attitude that gets things done and done right. Our satisfaction guaranteed proposition means peace of mind. Talk to us about your next project, and find out how Parker delivers real value.

Types of Dies

  • Progressive Dies

  • Contacting dies (rivet or wire feed)

  • Forming dies

  • Compound dies

  • Coining dies

  • Extrusion dies

  • Insertion dies

  • Cold header dies

  • Draw Dies

Complex Die Development is a core strength at Parker.
Even the most advanced designs in progressive and die contacting are routine.  

Parker Value Add

  • Close tolerance

  • Short Run Capability

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Complex Parts

  • Difficult materials

  • In Die Contacting - Rivet or Wire feed

  • In Die Tapping


  • Automotive

  • Medical

  • Communications

  • Computer

  • Aerospace

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