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Parker Tool & Die, Inc.
20844 Park Ave.
Mundelein, IL 60060
Phone: (847) 566-2229
Fax: (847) 566-2560

Member since 1978

Welcome to Parker Tool and Die, Inc.
Parker Tool and Die brings generations of machining expertise together with customer dedication and responsiveness to provide our customers the very best in tool and die machining. Here's why:
  • Our wide range of machining options  - EDM, CNC, Stamping, Grinding,  - means less subcontracting, overhead and related quality problems.
  • Combining the latest technology with old fashioned dedication means The most competitive price and the best lead time in today's demanding market. We get it done when it has to get done, no matter what. 
  • Four generations of machining expertise means problem solving and know-how that you can count on to deliver quality to spec, on time and on budget.
  • American experience, "out of the box" innovation and orientation smoothes the business and development processes, delivering best in class results.
  • Our customer service is second to none. All our work is guaranteed. It gets done the right way, period.

Explore this website to for in depth information on our EDM, CNC, stamping, and grinding capabilities. Also of interest are sections for customers in medical, automotive and aerospace  industries. For development information check out our page on prototyping. Finally, look to see if one of the specialty products we have developed over the years can solve a problem for you. 

Please call us at (847) 566-2229 for a discussion

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Thank you for considering Parker Tool and Die.


Tim Parker - President
Mike Parker -Vice-president

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